Kaifa Anderson-Hall, center, with participants in her monthly flower-arranging class at N Street Village. From left: Tracy Lincoln, Ellen Dunn, Belva Moore, Kitty Kohli, Cheryl Hill and Angel Langston-Finch. The “Flower Power Hour” class is popular with clients of N Street Village, which serves women experiencing homelessness. (John Kelly/The Washington Post) The first rule of Flower Power Hour is that there are no rules. Be as creative as you can be, go where your spirit leads, create a flower arrangement that speaks to you. The second rule of Flower Power Hour is to cut the stems at an angle before putting them in the vase. The third rule is to trim away any leaves that would be below the water. But it’s the first rule — lose yourself in the beauty of the blooms — that is most important to the ladies who come to Flower Power Hour, a monthly class at N Street Village, a charity near Logan Circle that helps women experiencing homelessness. It’s a Monday afternoon and 16 women are seated at work tables in an open room on the second floor of N Street Village. A blue-handled pair of shears is at each space. The air is thick with the scent from hundreds of blooms. “This is how I love this room to be, filled to capacity,” says Kaifa Anderson-Hall , who leads the class. Sixty-two bundles of flowers — lilies, roses, tulips, dahlia, marigolds, alstroemeria, ranunculus — have been donated by Urban Stems, a florist just up the street. Anderson-Hall puts the song “Something Inside So Strong” on her iPhone then says, “Come up, get your flowers. Take the opportunity to be as present as possible.” The women move around the table, selecting blossoms. Someone asks how many flowers they should use. Anderson-Hall is […]