This luscious bridal bouquet takes a classic style and elevates it to a modern level. Here Erik utilizes wire rings, a sparkling wired-crystal garland, and the most incredible ‘Princess Miyuki’ garden roses from Alexandra farms and fragrant white peonies to create this beautiful and sparkly bouquet. Materials used: 5 – 6” silver metal rings, silver metallic wire, a wired-crystal garland, 12 gauge silver aluminum wire, bind wire, corsage tape, Oasis Uglu strips, white peonies and ‘Princess Miyuki’ garden roses (AF) Step 1: Create armature by connecting silver rings together using metallic wire anchoring them at their crossing points. Add wired-crystal garland over the surface of the armature allowing some of the garland to extend above the structure and create visual movement. Add 4 lengths of silver aluminum wire to the base of the structure to create the “handle” of the bouquet. Corsage tape to bind all the wires together. Step 2: Begin layering white peonies and ‘Princess Miyuki’ garden roses (AF) into the armature structure. Add as many as you would like pulling some of the crystal garland sections up to add dimension and visual movement in the bouquet. Once satisfied, secure the stems with bind wire. Step 3: Trim all the stems and wires to the desired length. Corsage tape over the base to prepare it for the diamond ribbon. Add Oasis Uglu strips at the base and attach the diamond ribbon around to conceal mechanics and add beautiful bling. Bind over the top of the diamond ribbon with silver bullion and anchor it well.