Each of us has our unique stories of how we found our way into the floral industry. For Andreia (Andie) Boscato Muller, AIFD, FSMD, owner of The Flower Studio in Altamonte, Fla., her journey began as a business opportunity. A high-school math and physics teacher in her native Brazil, Muller entered the floral industry in 1993 when a friend asked her to become a 50 percent partner in a flower shop. Taking the plunge into unknown territory, this down-to-earth and genuine designer began learning the ins and outs of the floral world and soon embraced her newfound passion for floral creations. After moving to the United States, she opened her current flower shop, where she is always wearing a smile and happily living out her dreams every day.

NOTE: This summer, Muller will co-present a design program, “Mythical Creatures,” with Jorge Uribe, AIFD, EMC, on the Main Stage at the American Institute of Floral Designers’ (AIFD) 2020 Symposium “Vision” in Chicago (July 2-7). Register to attend at aifd.org/2020-symposium-vision.

Where do you look for inspiration outside of nature and the floral industry? What sources inspire you?

My inspiration comes from everywhere. One needs to be open to seeing it, however; it doesn’t just fall into your lap. For me, I love numbers. I have the left-brain/right-brain thing going on. Numbers are my passion. There is always an answer with numbers.
There is a reason behind everything we see and experience. Your eyes lead you to like something such as an architectural design or an interesting color combination, and your mind tells you why you like it. Therefore, everything always returns to the elements and principles of design. It is inspiring! I see all the patterns in architecture, and I am especially drawn to color. For example, everything is green in Florida where I live, and the water is full of beautiful inspiration. With social media, I look at all the different designs and immediately see the colors. If you look at an arrangement that is red and purple, it is beautiful because we know red and blue make purple! It makes sense because it is all a science and, at the same time, art!

Photo by
Tab McCausland

Photo by Caroline Logan Photography

What new ideas have you opened yourself to that have stimulated your creativity?

Getting involved in different areas of the floral industry opens me up to new ideas. Taking classes, putting myself out there, learning new techniques and then applying them stimulates my creativity. You must put your best effort forward every day and open your mind.
Also, working with other designers really has helped me to develop. If you ask for advice, you must listen to it and be open to what others are saying. How do you know what you can do as a designer if you don’t try? Now people are beginning to ask me for advice, and this is my chance to give back to others’ creative processes. They are bringing me so much happiness that I feel like I am living on my creative cloud nine!