By Nita Robertson, AIFD, CFD

The wreath business is big business. But has your company fully tapped into this popular niche? Consumers are shopping for creative fresh, permanent and dried wreaths all year long, but especially for the fall and winter seasons. So, if you haven’t done so already, start planning a wide-ranging collection wreaths for the upcoming holidays now.

On Instagram, #wreath currently has more than 3.5 million tagged photos. From dried wreaths to the heartfelt floral poetry of sympathy work to holiday décor, there are endless opportunities to market wreaths to your customers.

We are excited to present the winner in our first-ever wreath design contest. We asked floral designers to submit photos of their favorite wreath designs, and we received fabulous entries from more than 40 florists from across the globe. We hope these designs will give you inspiration for the upcoming fall and winter holidays, as well as for every day.

Our finalists’ designs are featured on these pages, and the winner will receive a four-page feature in an upcoming issue of Florists’ Review. Thank you to all who entered, and congratulations to our finalists and winner.

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wreath contest winner


Marie van Hulsentopvan

Van H acres Farm & Florist

Langley, B.C. Canada


Van H Acres Florist & Farm
Van H Acres Florist adn Farm wreath in winter
Van H Acres Florist & Farm

Runner Up

Iuliia Prokhorova, CFD, TMF

Wild Veggie Bouquet

Corpus Christi, Texas


Wild Veggie Bouquet
Wild Veggie Bouquet
Wild Veggie Bouquet

Honorable Mentions

Emi Kwiaciarnia
Emi Kwiaciarnia

wreath design
John Regan
Twisted Stem Floral
DJ La Flor
Donnel Dulay
fall wreath by Svetlana Zhurova
Svetlana Zhurova
wreath design
Laura Thomson Design
pastel wreath with hydreangea
Laura Thomson Design
wreath by Brenda Wallace Floral Atelier
Brenda Wallace
Floral Atelier, Barcelona,Spain
Sally Russo
Seawind Point Designs
Melissa Vierra
Devine Doors
Marta Sondej
Bartlett’s Greenhouse and Florist