12 chapters, 100 instructional and inspirational videos

Creating extraordinary flower arrangements starts with a good base. That’s why every florist should have all necessary knowledge and technical floral skills. Flower Factor wants to provide florists with just those essential elements and bundled all basic floral techniques in the online education program ‘Floral Design’.

This program is the next step in floral education, something Dutch floral designer and Flower Factor’s creative director Pim van den Akker has been working on for years. Level 1 of the program consists of 12 chapters with nearly 100 instructional and inspirational videos.

Pim van den Akker:

When ‘Floral Design Manual’ was published, I already dreamt about filming it. Like most creative people, florists are visually orientated. That’s why the floral techniques every florist should master are shown in short videos throughout the course. During the program, florists are encouraged to treasure their craft and show it. To present themselves as professionals and surprise their customers with original flower arrangements. It’s a program to help florists grow!

Subjects discussed in level 1 are for example tools, bases and floral techniques like gluing, stringing, folding and winding. Every chapter is concluded with a test. When all tests are successfully completed, the participant receives a certificate of participation.

“Not only interesting for beginners, but also for any florist who wishes to learn and grow”

online education program 4

The program is available for the individual florist and their staff as well as students at floristry schools. Flower Factor invited several Dutch and English floral design teachers to take a look at level 1 of the program before the official launch. Julie Pearson, UK-based floral designer and teacher:

The videos and tutorials are amazing and give so much information away. I admit I learned many new tips. I really enjoyed this. It possibly proves that the program is not just for beginners, but also for any florist who wishes to learn and grow.

Now available in our webshop

online education program 2

Some schools have already expressed their interest to implement the online Floral Design program into their own curriculum. Level 1 of the online education program ‘Floral Design’ is now available in Flower Factor’s webshop.

At this time, we are working on Floral Design – level 2. In consecutive levels, we are going to work with more complicated techniques and alternative tools. We’re going to incite creativity by using unexpected materials. The possibilities are endless and that’s what Flower Factor is going to show.