An alternative-style flower crown has become a signature item for a Miami florist.

Floral design by Ana Isabel Vivas

Flower crowns have been wildly popular for several years now, for both formal events, like weddings, casual wear for spirited, fun-loving individuals. So, to further establish a reputation for her flower business as a source for unique, creative designs, Ana Vivas, owner of Aniska Creations in Miami, Fla., developed alternative tiara/headband-style flower crowns, and her designs have become major hits and buzz-generators among her clientele. “They’re something that makes us unique,” Vivas reports. Here are the basic steps for creating Vivas’ flower tiaras/headbands.


Select a variety of small and medium-size blooms in your chosen color palette and with an interesting variety of textures.


Glue one of the larger flowers to the top of a 2-inch-wide hard plastic headband, slightly off-center and facing slightly forward, with liquid floral adhesive. Liquid floral adhesive takes a minute or two to become tacky, so press the flower firmly onto the headband, without damaging the flower, until the flower is secure. Alternatively, apply liquid floral adhesive to a section of the headband, and allow it to become tacky before placing the flowers.


Glue a second and third large flower (the same type and color as the first or one similar in size) next to the first, also slightly off- center and behind the first flower. TIP: Work both sides of the headband, front and back,one after the other, to balance the size and form of the design.


Glue other botanicals—flowers, foliages, grasses, etc.—into the center section of the headband with liquid floral adhesive, to add texture and interest.

Flower tiara


Once the design is finished, allow the adhesive to fully dry. Then, spray the flowers lightly with an exterior-coating finishing spray like Floralife® Crowning Glory®, and allow that to dry. Once the finishing spray has dried completely, place the design into an air-tight plastic bag, and refrigerate it at the proper temperature for the types of flowers used until it is ready for delivery or use.


• Cymbidium orchids

• Astilbe japonica (false goat’s beard, false spirea/Spiraea, florist’s spirea/ Spiraea)

• Achillea millefolium (common yarrow, cottage yarrow, Western yarrow, milfoil, devil’s nettle)

• Anigozanthos flavidus (kangaroo paw)

• Ranunculus spp. ButterflyTM series (butterfly buttercup, butterfly crowfoot)

• Eustoma grandiflorum/ Lisianthus russellianus (prairie gentian)

• Viburnum spp. berries


2-inch-wide hard plastic headband

OASIS® Floral Adhesive

Floralife® Crowning Glory®