The year ahead promises to offer an increased sense of renewal by stepping outside of traditionalism. Optimism and appreciation for Earth’s great gifts are going to guide designers through their creations this year.

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“Passion and invention lead 2023 floral trends”

While every fresh floral and botanical design is constructed to invigorate the senses and create brightness in the moment, the year ahead promises to offer an increased sense of renewal by stepping outside of traditionalism. In 2023, trends provide a chance of rejuvenation in shades of pink and coral, dusty lavender, and hues of blue, and step into a dreamlike ethereal state.

Improvisation and the clear intention to push boundaries has begun to take hold, according to Florists’ Review: “Nontraditional textures and colors and contrasting use of opposing aesthetics within the same field are all fair game in 2023.”

Renewal and imagination 
At the heart of all trends, this year is the sense of renewal and optimism, according to American Floral Trends. Connecting with Mother Nature, 2023 promises to bring a strong connection between florals, emotion, and overall health. Optimism and appreciation for Earth’s great gifts are going to guide designers through their creations this year.

“This trend represents renewal,” says Charlie Groppetti of the American Institute of Floral Designers. “It’s like an optimist’s search for a meaningful life guided by past lessons and inspiration from the beauty of the earth’s natural and undisturbed resources.”

At the root of design this year, variations of greens create harmony with Robin’s Egg and Red Clay. Together with botanicals such as hydrangeas and hanging amaranthus, garden roses, orchids, and succulents, the designer’s interpretation can make a positive change in the world around them.

Contrast is key
Through optimistic design, contrast is the key focus for the spirited lookbook curations from Florists’ Review this year. Playing on maximalism with crisp modernism, this trend can be tailored to fit any event, installation, or experience for clients with traditional visions or “big personalities.”

Using colorful stems and carefully selected botanicals, 2023 promises to bring qualities associated with being lost in pleasant thought and encased in a “floral daydream,” as envisioned by American Floral Trends. Industry trend consultants call this perfectly encapsulated vision “Reverie.” 

Of course, Reverie’s French sophistication can be achieved in a variety of ways as long as the completed design emits a sense of dreaminess through texture and appropriately subdued accessories.

Traditional conservative East Coast-inspired designs, including blues, pinks, fuschia, and powder whites, or deep earthy gem tones of navy, magenta, and forest greens of Vancouver, are envisioned. This emotionally charged trend can be achieved.

To achieve this aesthetic, consider Alexandra Farms rose varieties Menta, Pink Piano, and Princess Midori matched with orchids, anthurium, and chrysanthemum, and a plethora of asparagus ferns or palm leaves in clear glass cylinders.

Free spirit
In keeping with the theme of “Reverie” and contrast, designers are encouraged to cultivate imagination to create refreshing, dreamlike creations that use out-of-the-box concepts to experiment with the unexpected.

“Remember to challenge creativity and reimagine our resources,” says Leopoldo Gomez of AIFD. “Almost all materials have the potential to go from being dismissed to art. Let’s try new shapes and methods with emerging trends to make our work unique.”

Consider including naturally resources materials to include in designs, and work with their natural shapes and colors. Florists’ Review suggests foraged seashells will work similarly as feathers and fruit have been in past trends. Responsibly sourced accessories not only challenge the designer but connect with nature and renewal.

Suggested rose varieties to emulate this free spirit trend would be Capability, Effie, and Constance, all David Austin Wedding Roses. They can be paired with peonies, hydrangea and ranunculus, delphinium and Carnelia, English Ivy, and ruscus.

No other bright light guides us through renewal and dreams like a passionate palette. Fuschia, red, violet, and blue will find its way into designs, contrasted with crisp white and powdery hues in the forefront of naturally shaped botanicals.

Fittingly, Pantone’s Color of the Year was awarded to Viva Magenta (18-1750). Described as a “shade rooted in nature” and a “new animated red that revels in pure joy, encouraging experimentations and self-expression without restraint,” the color is the full embodiment of 2023 trends.

This year, use nature, desire, and uninhibited imagination to create optimistic designs that will fuel positive change and light for all.

With all the fruits Mother Nature bears, 2023 encourages the passion for creation and beauty to evoke a dreamlike atmosphere with whimsical designs that showcase a burst of color. This year challenges the designer within to provide the much-needed renewed thrill of life to those who experience designs made from Earth’s most nurturing harvest.

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