Exciting news! This month Ponte Tresa is launching 63 new varieties of spray roses.

Source: Press Release Ponte Tresa

Ponte Tresa Launches Exclusive Online Premiere of 63 New Varieties of Spray Roses!

Ponte Tresa, the Swiss-Ecuadorian rose farm established since 1985 in Cayambe, Ecuador, announces the launch of its new 63 varieties of Spray Roses. The farm provides the world with the best and highest quality wholesale roses, garden-look roses and spray roses, and is proud to introduce its new spray rose collection through an exclusive online premiere. The U.S. premiere will took place on Monday, April 17 at 7:00 pm (GMT-5), while the European premiere will happen next Tuesday, April 18 at 11:00 am (GMT +2).

Three years ago, Ponte Tresa began the journey of growing spray roses, resulting in a vast collection of 63 varieties of spray roses, fifty-five of which are now available, with the rest coming into production in the following weeks.

This collection offers a vast selection of premium spray roses to its customers, including the Be Collection, Jewel line, and the Brilliant Stars Collection. With an ample portfolio of superior-quality classic spray roses and garden spray roses, customers can choose from various options that suit all their needs and preferences.

This online premiere is an opportunity for everyone to view the new collection. You can register for the event here: Ponte Tresa Events | Eventbrite.

This exclusive event is an unmissable opportunity to witness the launch of a new collection of spray roses that will exceed all expectations.

“Our commitment to our employees, community, and environment makes us a pioneer and leader in growing roses with a true environmental and social consciousness. We are a passionate team that strives for excellence with integrity and transparency.” Ponte Tresa