Wedding bouquet trends change yearly; 2023 is far more understated and minimalist. 

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We know that wedding bouquet trends change every year — and 2023 is no exception. While 2022 was all about bold and bright florals, with a major nod to baby’s breath, 2023 is far more understated and minimalist. 

What does that mean, exactly? Couples are approaching their bouquets as more of an accessory to the overall look rather than a scene-stealer. However, being minimalist doesn’t mean you can’t be creative! Here are a few of the most sought-after bridal bouquet trends this year.

1. Smaller Bouquets 

Bridal bouquets are going to be smaller, both for brides and bridesmaids. These small bouquets complement the overall look while letting everyone see the beautiful dresses more clearly. One way to add a wow factor to a smaller bouquet is to include one large focal flower, like a peony, garden rose, or anemone.

2. Less Greenery

With the trend of more boho-inspired weddings with a natural feel, past years have seen a lot of greenery in bouquets, including many all-greenery designs. This year, however, couples are opting for bouquets with little to no greenery added. Instead, designers are using colored foliage or smaller flowers as fillers and accents.

3. One Flower Choice

As modern, minimalist designs are so popular in 2023, many bridal parties are streamlining their bouquets by using a single flower throughout. These mono-bloom bouquets are often also monotone in color, contributing to the pared-down, modern look. Plus, it’s a great way to show off a particularly beautiful or unusual flower.

4. Cascades and Drips 

Cascading bouquets have always been popular, but now couples are requesting a more modern take by adding a drip. This creates an asymmetrical, sculptural look with plenty of movement and texture. Amaranthus is a popular choice for drips, as well as tropical flowers like anthuriums.

5. Muted Blue Shades

Dusty blue is back this year, more as an accent color than an overall hue. It’s a particularly popular choice to enhance a neutral color palette, to give it just a hint of color but not overwhelm the look. Plus, it’s a perfect way to add a touch of “something blue” to a bridal bouquet.

6. Ribbon Wraps

Bouquets wrapped with ribbons are another growing trend this year. The ribbon is not only beautiful, but it can help tie in the bouquet’s flowers to the overall wedding palette. Plus, flowing ribbons add a touch of elegance — and plenty of romance — to the overall look.

As with any trend, it’s important to remember that these are just suggestions. Ultimately, the bouquet your couple chooses should reflect their taste and style, as well as the overall theme of the wedding. Whether the bride chooses a minimalist bouquet or a more elaborate design, the most important thing is that she feels confident and beautiful holding it on her special day. 

So, take inspiration from these trends, but don’t be afraid to put your unique spin on things to give the bride exactly what she wants. With some creativity and the right flowers, you’re sure to design stunning bouquets that perfectly complement any wedding day look.