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DC Florist Talks Pride, Inclusivity and Rainbow Bouquets using FTD’s “Flowers Are For Everyone” Campaign

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June is Pride Month, a time of year that calls for kindness, inclusivity and equality for all. There are plenty of great ways to celebrate, from attending Pride parades and events to educating yourself on how to become an ally of the LGBTQ community. FTD Flowers has another wonderful way to mark Pride Month: Giving flowers to everyone!

Giving flowers is a meaningful gesture — but traditionally, it’s been seen as a very heteronormative act: It’s always the doting wife, grandmother, mother or a woman receiving flowers, and a man buying them for her. That’s perfectly fine, but what about everyone else? FTD’s goal is to address this social inequity with its “Flowers Are For Everyone” campaign.






“Flowers Are For Everyone” is here to help folks celebrate Pride Month with gorgeous blooms and shine a light on local florists in the LGBTQ community, such as Jeffrey Fritz, owner of Flowers On Fourteenth. Fritz opened his LBGTQ-friendly storefront in Washington, D.C., nearly 20 years ago, offering special-occasion bouquets, plants and gift baskets with delivery services.

Located in an area of DC that Fritz describes as a “gay mecca,” Flowers On Fourteenth has catered to the gay community ever since it opened. “By starting out, we donated to every gay event in town,” says Fritz. “Be it Pride History Month or if a gay organization approached us, we always give a donation, a gift certificate or an arrangement for their event — and it’s paid off really well for us!”




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