A Step-by-step Guide to Today’s Modern Wedding Business

If you have the desire to perfect your wedding floral sales and business and customer-service skills, and to become more professional and profitable in this segment of the industry, Falling into Flowers is the book for you!
Written in an enchanting, friendly and easy-to-comprehend manner by Alison Ellis, a practicing wedding florist for nearly two decades and owner of Floral Artistry in Jericho, Vt.; creator of Flower Math; and founder of RealFlowerBusiness.com, this book covers it all. Included are sound advice and proven tips for:

• becoming a wedding florist
• finding and creating a niche for your business
• selling weddings (including consultation tips)
• pricing your wedding work profitably
• planning and executing weddings
• managing communications with clients—and much, much more.

Ellis assures that it is possible to make money on weddings, from either a studio or a retail flower shop—even if you believe weddings are too much work and not profitable. By following the steps outlined in this consummate wedding business guidebook, readers will gain the confidence, clarity and professional strategies to become successful and profitable beyond their imaginations. And don’t hesitate to order this must-have business manual for your floral library: Once you start reading it, you’ll have a hard time putting it down! It’s that engaging! Visit shop.wildflower.media to order your copy.

A chat with the author

Why did you create this book, and what is its purpose?
Most wedding and event florists have a passion for flowers and floral design, but I created this book to assist those who need help honing their skills booking clients and making a profit—and to feel proud of the businesses they run.

How would you define this book, and for whom did you write it?
I wrote this book for florists who want to run a successful small business and not have a hobby. The book is about how to become a wedding florist. From finding your niche to how to book clients and turn a profit, to perfecting wedding week production schedules, it’s the nitty-gritty of what you need to know to run a successful and profitable wedding business.

What makes this book unique?
Most books for florists focus on the design aspect, color theory, and beautiful inspiration images, but Falling into Flowers shares business strategies specifically for floral designers. This book does not focus on design; instead, it focuses on the steps and strategies that will help keep you in business.

What do you hope readers will gain from this book?
I hope readers will walk away with confidence in their ability to book clients who value their work and to run a profitable business that brings them joy.

Why is this book a must-have for wedding floral professionals?
This book will round out any professional wedding florist’s library, with tips for owners and employees alike on how to close the sale, serve clients well and turn a profit.


• $19.99
• 80 pages
• Hardcover
• 8” x 9.25”
• ISBN 978-1-7337826-9-2
• Order at shop.wildfl ower.media