By Tonneli Grüetter

What makes a great wedding florist? Is it wow-factor, resilience under pressure or perhaps the ability to translate the unspoken language of love from client dream to big-day reality? To limit the vibrance and diversity of today’s wedding industry to only 50 floral design companies across the United States and Canada is to take on a truly impossible task. So instead, we would like to introduce you to the “Class of 2023.” To each of the event florists included on this list, we send our admiration and respect because they have earned a trust from their clients that no university can ensure by diploma. A great wedding florist is something forged under pressure, not unlike the diamond of a wedding ring. It is our hope that, within this list somewhere, you may see yourself, where you come from, where you are now or where you someday strive to be.

We invite you to become enthralled with and inspired by the exceptional talents of these 50 elite floral design companies and designers, who have invested great care into the advancement of the floral arts. In curating this list, it was important that we represented florists who could accommodate a variety of styles and budgets. From luxurious full-service destination weddings dripping with orchids and garden roses to à-la-carte bouquets and boutonnières crafted from homespun blooms, the measure of a truly great wedding florist is not limited by budget but, instead, the ability to achieve a shared vision resulting in unforgettable moments. The floral professionals on this list harness a spectrum of style. Each has demonstrated the ability to perform as a standout example of a chosen aesthetic, ranging from celebratory maximalism to modern minimalist design.

To outsiders to the world of wedding flowers who may investigate these florists, peeking into the secret realm of big-day blooms from other corners of the floral industry, we must also include a special acknowledgement: Rare is the wedding florist who does it alone. Just as important as the lead designer are the fleet of delivery drivers, fabricators and floral assistants who make it all happen behind the scenes. Know that within each of the companies on this list, there is a full creative community. And so, to all, we present Florist Review’s “Top 50 Wedding Florists of 2023.”

1. À Votre Service Events

New York and New Jersey, USA

Instagram: @avsevents

2. Anthera Floral

Washington, USA

Instagram: @antherafloral

3. Avant Gardenia

Illinois, USA

Instagram: @avant_gardenia

4. Bellevue Floral Co.

California, USA

Instagram: @bellevuefloralco

5. Bethel Events Production

Maryland, USA

Instagram: @betheleventsproduction

6. Blossom Bar Flowers

Ontario, Canada

Instagram: @blossombar_

7. Canaan Marshall Designs

Georgia, USA

Instagram: @canaanmarshall

Canaan Marshall photo by Perry Vaile

8. Casa De Flores by Mariela

Texas, USA

Instagram: @casadefloresdesign

9. Christopher Marcs Design

Georgia, USA

Instagram: @christophermarcs

10. Da Fiori Design

British Columbia, Canada

Instagram: @dafioridesign

da fiore_Amrit photography_decor from Finesse Decor Company

11. Dahlia Floral Design & Events

Colorado, USA

Instagram: @dahliafloraldesign

12. EcoWilde Flower Co.

Illinois, USA

Instagram: @ecowildeflowerco

13. Emblem Flowers

California, USA

Instagram: @emblemflowers

14. Eternal Bouquets by JM

New York, USA

Instagram: @eternalbouquetsbyjm

15. FleuRich Creations

British Columbia, Canada

Instagram: @fleurichcreations

16. Flower Disco

Colorado, USA

Instagram: @flowerdisco_

17. Flowers by Edgar

California, USA

Instagram: @flowersbyedgar

18. Gorgeous & Green

California, USA

Instagram: @gorgeousandgreen

19. Hanaki Floral Design

British Columbia, Canada

Instagram: @hanakifloral

20. Inessa Nichols Design

California, USA

Instagram: @inessanicholsdesign

21. Kenilworth Floral

Ontario, Canada

Instagram: @kenilworthfloral

22. Kerry Patel Poetic Florals

New Jersey, USA

Instagram: @kerrypatelfloral

23. La Flor Events

Hawaii, USA

Instagram: @laflorevents

24. Layered Vintage

California, USA

Instagram: @layeredvintage

25. Lily Roden Floral Studio

California, USA

Instagram: @lilyrodenfloralstudio

26. Mille Fleur Design

Utah, USA

Instagram: @millefleurdesign

27. Naunet

Florida, USA

Instagram: @naunet_floral

28. Oak and Fig Floral

Washington and Wisconsin, USA

Instagram: @oakandfigfloral

29. Offerings

California, USA


30. Pic and Petal

New York, USA

Instagram: @picandpetal

31. Plush Floral

Idaho, USA

Instagram: @plushfloral

32. Puni Petals

California, USA

Instagram: @puni.petals

33. Rocking Bird Flower Co.

Washington, D.C., USA

Instagram: @rockingbirdflowerco

34. Sarah Winward

Utah, USA

Instagram: @sarah_winward

35. Sarah’s Garden Floral Design Studio

Arizona, USA

Instagram: @sarahsgardenstyle

36. Shindig Chic

California, USA

Instagram: @shindigchic

37. Simple Florals

Florida, USA

Instagram: @simpleflorals

38. SlowCult

Oregon, USA

Instagram: @theslowcult

39. Sophie Felts Floral Design

Maryland, USA

Instagram: @sophiefelts

40. Stems Floral Design + Event Styling

Texas, USA

Instagram: @stemsofatx

Stem Floral photo by Sophie Epton

41. Texture Florals

Pennsylvania, USA

Instagram: @textureflorals

42. The Flowered Blue

Texas, USA

Instagram: @thefloweredblue

43. The Gathering Event Company

Ontario, Canada

Instagram: @thegatheringeventco

44. Trille Floral

New Brunswick, Canada

Instagram: @trillefloral

45. Tularosa Flowers

California, USA

Instagram: @tularosaflowers

46. Twig & Posy

Ontario, Canada

Instagram: @twigandposyfloral

47. Twist Flowers

Nevada, USA

Instagram: @twistflowers

48. Twisted Willow Flowers

New Jersey, USA

Instagram: @twistedwillowflowers

49. Wedded Events

New Jersey and Florida, USA

Instagram: @weddedevents

50. Wild Pollen Design

Maryland, USA

Instagram: @wildpollen


The Pantheon of Greats

By Jill Brooke

Above Photo Bill Schaffer Designs

On the “Mt. Olympus of wedding and event florists,” there are floral design deities who have earned the respect of not only their discerning international clients but their peers, as well. These flower titans and titanesses are in such demand by well-heeled families around the world that their names have literally become their own status symbols, and they are catnip for all wedding magazines and coverage. Quite simply, they are in a class of their own. 

• Jeff Leatham Flowers

Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Paris

Instagram: @jeffleatham


• Lewis Miller Design

New York City, Palm Beach

Instagram: @lewismillerdesign


• Tulipina/Kiana Underwood

Stone Ridge, N.Y.; Como, Italy

Instagram: @tulipina design


• HMR Designs/Rishi Patel


Instagram: @hmrdesigns


• Larry Walshe Studios

London; New York City; Como, Italy

Instagram: @larrywalshe


• David Beahm Experiences

New York City

Instagram: @davidbeahm


• Renny & Reed

New York City, Palm Beach

Instagram: @rennyandreed


• Holly Heider Chapple Flowers

Leesburg, Va.

Instagram: @hollychapple


• Schaffer Designs


Instagram: @schafferdesigns


• Thierry Boutemy


Instagram: @boutemythierry