This event was a captivating tribute to the artistry of flowers, shining a spotlight on the diverse floral offerings from Jet Fresh Flowers.

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Fresh Fest: art, flowers and Jet Fresh Culture

August 29, 2023

Aug. 18 marked a milestone as the inaugural Fresh Fest unfolded at the renowned Rubell Museum, brought to life through an exciting collaboration with Petal Productions. This event was a captivating tribute to the artistry of flowers, shining a spotlight on the diverse floral offerings from Jet Fresh Flowers. The festival showcased stunning floral installations curated by a distinguished group of floral designers, including Carlos Muina, the Petal Productions Design team, Olga RamirezJimi the TulipBill SchafferKristen AplaughElizabeth JaimeMarcela BazanaTalia Craig and Liz Marie Edwards.

Commencing the day with a Welcome Toast in the picturesque museum garden, guests were greeted at the registration desk with Swag bags, filled with gifts from our esteemed sponsors. Among the treasures was the “That Flower Feeling” Apron, multicolored fanny packs from Smithers Oasis, a limited-edition T-shirt, lanyards and badges with the guests favorite Jet Fresh Team member, alongside marketing assets from our sponsors. Attendees were enticed to explore our Merch Shop before venturing into the museum’s interiors to immerse themselves in the artistic displays. 

The day kicked-off with a welcome by Michael Black, President of Jet Fresh Flowers, who introduced the engaging Solutions Panel. Moderated by Mimi Pacheco, this panel featured industry leaders such as Andrea GristAlex PerezCorrine HeckAmy McCord JonesRaffi Grosz and Andy Arthur. Together, they delved into discussions about the latest tech advancements and trends shaping the floral industry, inviting active audience participation through Q&A sessions.

Elevating knowledge and inspiration, the Fresh Sessions began with inspiring talks by Bron the Flower GuyBill Schaffer and Sarah Campbell of Intrigue Designs. Each speaker offered a concise yet impactful educational presentation, resonating with the attendees and igniting their creative spirits.

Following a floral inspired lunch that emulated the art and flowers, the festival atmosphere turned up with the with the start of 2 exciting floral game shows. Presented by the charismatic duo of Ace Berry and the Fern, these interactive floral Gameshows captured the audience’s imagination. Participants, randomly plucked from the audience, embarked on a whimsical journey, facing challenges with flair and good humor. One game entailed spinning thematic and disadvantageous wheels, where designers courageously crafted arrangements while wearing blurry goggles, mittens or no tools. Another exhilarating challenge featured teams of two designers wearing a two-headed sweater, creating captivating designs with a single hand. Laughter and awe ensued as each arrangement emerged as a work of art in its own right. The winning designers won cash prizes sponsored by Esmeralda Farms and Details Flower Software.

The festival’s ambiance further evolved as guests were encouraged to explore the captivating art installations and modern museum exhibits.  Amongst the museum’s 36 galleries, 7 contained creative floral art installations to represent each of the 22 sponsor vendors. An ice cream cone-inspired floral showcase byFLWR PSTL and Petal Productions, Roomba vacuum-covered moving floral sculptures, and optical illusion florals are just some of the many floral installations that hid around every corner.

A vibrant Hippy-Happy Hour immersed the main gallery in the psychedelic charm of Jet Fresh Hippy Psychedelic Roses. This segued into the elegant Reception Party orchestrated by Petal Productions, who metamorphosed the room into a floral haven. A centerpiece 360-degree bar adorned with Jet Fresh and Jet Fresh Growers’ flower boxes added a unique touch, while two 20-foot procona-sculptures graced the stage, setting the scene for an unforgettable evening for DJ Epps & Villanomuzik to set the mood.

Culinary delights flowed, courtesy of Mena Catering, and the night was alive with music and dance. The Jet Fresh team and honored guests celebrated in unison, creating memories that will linger long.

Fresh Fest was an unprecedented showcase of floral artistry, innovation and celebration, capturing the heart of the customers and vendors of the Jet Fresh Flower Community.

Photo: Kristen Aplaugh