We are excited to share the winners from the 2023 Alexandra garden rose design contest. Get inspired with these stunning garden rose designs.

red and pink garden roses

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Rose Lover Photo Contest Winners Announced for 2023

By Jill Brooke

Garden roses are so lush and perfect for photography. This is why Alexandra Farms, one of the world’s most prolific growers of roses, started a Garden Rose Design Contest.

It’s been going on now for six years and here are the 2023 winners.

What do I observe as far as the winning choices? It is clear that the broken arch is still trending. It offers a more modern approach. The first-place winner had an arch with chunks of flowers leading into an arch. Even for the fully-formed arch, there were flowers bookending it and then a thin wood arch. So many creative opportunities.

As far as floral arrangements, I’m seeing a lot of lower-sitting vases reminiscent of Victorian times. The winners here also had examples of this trend that gives the experienced florist opportunities for movement and using a variety of gorgeous roses and greenery.

In each category, the Alexandra Farms’ first-place winner will receive an all-expense-paid trip for two to Alexandra Farms in Colombia. Second-place winners will receive 500 stems of garden roses and $500; third-place and Readers’ Choice winners will receive 250 stems of garden roses and $250.

Judges were Jose R. Azout, president of Alexandra Farms; Holly Heider Chapple, educator and owner of Holly Chapple Flowers and Hope Flower Farm and the founder of Chapel Designers; the team at David Austin Roses; and Jules Lewis Gibson, the dynamic president and creative director of Florists’ Review Media Group which includes Florists Review Magazine and Flora in London.

Designs were evaluated on several criteria, including how the garden roses were used, photo quality, and overall design aesthetic and composition. Judging was conducted anonymously, independently and confidentially. The Readers’ Choice Award winners were chosen in an anonymous and public online vote.

Entries were accepted in two categories: Wedding Work and Everyday Design, and hundreds of entries were submitted by designers from around the world.

Here are the winners. Furthermore flower lovers, why don’t you start your own contest with friends in creating flower contests and share with us on Instagram? Or use this idea to raise funds for a local charity. It’s a fun project and connects you more to flowers and their intrinsic beauty and healing powers.

The Winners

Wedding Work category

1st place: Taylor Doyle; The Floral Eclectic; Dallas, Texas, United States

Alexandra Farms garden rose varieties: Alabaster and Darcey (Auschariot)

Photographer: Opal & Onyx Photography

stunning archway made with garden roses with a bride holding a parrot

2nd place: Nancy Zimmerman; Fancy Florals By Nancy; Fairbury, Illinois, United States

Alexandra Farms garden rose varieties: Tess (Ausyacht), Darcey (Auschariot), Capability (Ausapply), Miranda (Ausimmon) and Princess Fairy Kiss Pink Spr

Photographer: Kristin Darling

flower poles framing bride

3rd place: Janelle Gerestein; Flowers by Janie; Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Alexandra Farms garden rose varieties: Miyabi and Quicksand

Photographer: Justine Milton

flower pole archway made with garden roses

Readers’ Choice: Cole Buys; CB Design; Cullman, Alabama, United States

Alexandra Farms garden rose varieties: Café Latte, Loli Spr, Princess Maya, Quicksand and Golden Mustard

Photographer: Kristen Thomison Photo

flower pole

Everyday Design category

1st place: Alexa Howe; Lilly and Iris; Midville, Utah, United States

Alexandra Farms garden rose varieties: Beatrice (Auslevity), Café Latte, Sahara Sensation, Symbol, Westminster Abbey and Pink Piano

Photographer: Hannah Howe

wreath of garden roses

2nd place: Amanda Rodgers; Bouquet Atlanta; Hiram, Georgia, United States

Alexandra Farms garden rose varieties: Miyabi, Miyabi Brown, Princess Maya and Wedding Rosever Spr

Photographer: Amanda Rodgers

garden rose arrangement

3rd place: Susanne Slade Kelly; Stone’s Throw Floral; Houston, Texas, United States

Alexandra Farms garden rose varieties: Leonora (Auswagsy), Tsumugi, Café Latte and Sahara Sensation Spr

Photographer: Susanne Slade Kelly

Readers’ Choice: Katherine Taylor; Jubilee Flowers; Fairhope, Alabama, United States

Alexandra Farms garden rose varieties: Princess Aiko and Pink O’Hara

Photographer: Emily Songer


Jill Brooke is a former CNN correspondent, Post columnist and editor-in-chief of Avenue and Travel Savvy magazine. She is an author and the editorial director of FPD and a contributor to Florists Review magazine.