USA Cut Flower Regulations Changing

USA Cut Flower Regulations Changing

The trend of importing consumer-ready, fresh cut flower bouquets, or assembling such articles upon importation for sale directly to retailers, has increased in recent years, making it necessary to address the marking of this particular commodity. This fact sheet discusses the country of origin marking requirements applicable to fresh cut flowers imported into the United States.

General Requirements for Marking All commodities imported into the United States must be marked with the country of origin. The country of origin is the country in which the commodity is manufactured, produced or grown. The purpose of marking is to inform the ‘ultimate purchaser’ in the United States of the country in which the imported article was made. The ultimate purchaser is generally the last person in the United States who will receive the article in the form in which it was imported. It is imperative that the marking be in a conspicuous place, as legibly, indelibly and permanently, as the nature of the article (or its container) will permit, and in such a manner as to indicate to the ultimate purchaser in the United States the English name of the country of origin of the article. (See 19 U.S.C. § 1304 and 19 CFR Part 134.)

Reasons for Marking

  • The consumer has a right to know.
  • Allows the consumer to be selective about purchasing certain products made in certain countries.
  • Allows CBP to maintain commodity statistics of import volumes.
  • Allows U.S. manufacturers to analyze the competition.
  • Allows U.S. manufacturers and/or distributors of licensed commodities to track counterfeit goods.

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